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Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions -

Bloocare.club is deeply concerned and considers the data provided in the form of personal information or financial transactions of any donation as highly confidential. We maintain these policies to ensure long term relationship with our members.

  1. While donating, we collect some personal and non-personal information or any other data you provide is not shared with any unauthorized third party for any type of promotion.
  2. We treat with privacy and respect to protect every donor and donation from possible fraud with a secure login and authentication..
  3. The information provided by you will not be used by blood care or any employee of the foundation except for the benefit of blood care and foundation.
  4. We will provide all of them the right to edit their information that registers our mobile app or website.
  5. The donor may request to not receive any kind of newsletters or any other source of the post.
  6. Bloodcare.club is not bound to refund or cancel any donor paid by the donor through any online or offline mode.
  7. The donor may request for his inquiry at -info@bloodcare.club.
  8. Following the laws, we use the information of the donor in alignment with the aim of our organization.li>
  9. Data obtained from a donor can be used for internal analysis, recording of records, compilation of law with government agencies, and can inform donors for any donation activity.
  10. Bloocare.club is not responsible for any eligibility and arrangement of blood. This is only a platform, where an ADC can contact the donor and negotiate with him for further processing.
  11. By donating blood through blood pressure. The club does not mean accepting any item or monetary benefit from a donor recipient or its relatives.
  12. Blood care is not responsible for any condition given to the donor.
  13. Each ADC is bound to comply with all fundraising laws, nor donors should withdraw any donations or make any fraudulent transactions.
  14. Used for any loss or violation by the donor.

Any changes made to these policies are not advised in advance, but whenever you sign up or go to any product blood care (website or mobile app), we all look at these policies. Recommend.

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