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Privacy Policy

Bloodcare.club Privacy Policy -

The safety and confidentiality of our users is a matter of concern to us, we are certain terms and conditions applicable to websites, apps and any other product in Bloodcare, to protect some personal information individually.

When registering on our app or website or any other product in Bloodcare.
You will be asked to submit your personal information such as --
  1. Name
  2. Gender
  3. Address
  4. City
  5. Country
  6. Pin Code
  7. Date Of Birth
  8. Blood Group
  9. Business
  10. Email-ID
  11. Aadhaar Number
  12. Picture
  13. We work hard to put your information in many ways. Bloodcare states that the information shared by the donor and the recipient is not shared, exchanged or sold to any third party organization nor do we send any mailing on behalf of the other organization.
  14. To prevent this from intercepting, we encrypt your information.
  15. Online donation: When you contribute financially through our website or app, we will not share any information to any third party for promotion or fundraising.
  16. Bloodcare.club is neither a blood bank nor associated with any blood bank.
  17. Bloodcare.club does not arrange the donor, however, provides a forum with the relevant information to the donor and the recipient to communicate
  18. Blood donor. The club is not responsible for any loss or dispute between the donor or recipient or any third party
  19. Blood donation while donating blood. Any donor does not accept this before any gift or fundamental benefit or its relatives.
  20. Blood donation for donation to donor after blood donation and any results after blood donation The club is not responsible.

If necessary, from time to time, we make changes to the terms and conditions. Please send the terms and conditions related to your questions and comments to the email id.

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