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Facts related to blood demand and supply.

The life-saving material can not be made any further nor can it be changed by any other. For any person, for their loved ones or for any hospital, there is a continuous requirement of blood in any corner of life in every corner of life.

If we pay little attention to the demand and supply of blood in our country or at the globally, then the eye-opening data comes out. The demand of blood is surpassing the crucial supply and it is difficult to arrange for everyone's demand. Please give a brief overview of important facts related to the need for blood in our country.

  1. To a survey, only 40 lakh units of blood are available against the requirement of 40 million units each year.
  2. The most common type of blood type is "hey"
  3. Transfusion of approximately 30 million blood components per year
  4. The need for blood may be on a daily basis, for cancer patients, for emergency situations such as thalesymic patients or miscarriages.
  5. Even in a simple road accident, many units may be required for hunting (can touch up to 100 units)
  6. According to a report by the WHO (World Health Organization), 9 million units of blood is collected every year with 12 million units alone.
  7. According to another estimation by Time of India in our country, there are about 10 million pregnancies, 31 lakhs cancer related, 63 million people related to emergency or traumatic stress and have a serious part of about 234 million in major surgeries, where complications Is needed.
  8. In addition to the true desire of blood donation, due to the shelf life of only 35 to 42 days blood is needed to replenish the stock in the blood bank.

(IMA) According to the Indian Medical Association, Varanasi, only 500 units of blood is obtained from voluntary donors compared to the requirement of 8000 units per month.

Facts about blood supply
  1. Negative blood group has properties which keeps its transfusion with all the blood types in less supply.
  2. Similarly, AB-Positive Plaza is also found in low supply but there is property to be mixed with all other blood types.
  3. People carry many myths associated with blood donation in their brains, so don't consider donating a significant concern to the blood.
  4. With a suitable medium, recipients and acceptable donors can not interact with each other.
What is the need of blood care?

Due to the lack of blood circulation, due to the sensitivity of medical emergencies and nowadays due to increased use of smartphones, the Governing Body of Bloodcare launched this real-time app to help the society by adding donors and recipients on an online platform. Have done

It is an effective, simple and free online, automated platform to solve the problem of blood deficiency in the country. Here the recipient will find the nearest donor and the donor can also contact the recipient directly to save a life. In a way, donor and recipient can contact each other through "blood care" Blood care is not a blood bank, but it is a non-profit online portal that can help anyone with the help of the Internet Provides assistance. You can register yourself as a donor on our site and help save someone's life or you can register as a recipient to increase your request in seconds for donors on a large scale.

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